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The Seeds Brazil and Technology is one of the leading companies in this segment in Brazil and has companies as clients of the branch of traditional seeds as Seminis / Monsoy, Sakata, Feltrin, Isla, Tecnossed, Hortic and Eagle. The technology used by BST is the result of studies initiated more than 25 years by the Spaniard Josep Trias, Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Physiology of Seeds from the University of Barcelona and joint owner of the company. He holds a wide variety of protocols in the area of ​​seed technology, widely used by companies across all continents, in addition to their own companies in the United States, Chile, Spain and the Netherlands

Focused on meeting the needs of the Brazilian market in relation to seed technology, BST also offers, as well as pelletizing - that for some species requires, necessarily pre germination (priming) - widely applied techniques for some species, such as embedding and peliculização . The process of disinfection of seed is also used in cases requiring the removal of certain pathogens harmful to the establishment and successful development of the plant. Processes, as the manager, are accompanied with strict quality control, as established national and international protocols. Among the seeds processed by BST, emphasis on vegetables, which account for 80% of the volume (lettuce, carrots, chicory, onions and tomatoes), while the other 20% distributed among eucalyptus and tobacco.